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Articles about local plant life, particularly the flora found on the now relatively rare unimproved limestone grassland of the Common.

We have a Lizard Orchid flowering in the locality. Unfortunately it suffered somewhat in the severe downpours we experienced yesterday - now almost flat on the ground - so we may never see it fully flowering. This photo was take on Monday 15th June.

Lizard Orchid
Lizard Orchid

Just go and have a look! (See my distribution map here.)

 Green Winged Orchid

Green Winged Orchids



Autumn Lady's Tresses seem to be particularly abundant this year, possibly due to the very warm summer followed by a period of rain just before they start to emerge as spikes. We counted about 150 spikes yesterday on one location.

Spiranthes spiralis


Good to see a few (five) Pasque flowers not far from the Duke of Burgundy site (two) on Rodborough Common on Sunday.

But we did not see any Pasque flowers elsewhere on the Common this year.


Showing the distribution of a type of flora.

Information about Orchids in the locality.