Collage of wildflowers and butterflies


Articles about local plant life, particularly the flora found on the now relatively rare unimproved limestone grassland of the Common.

Autumn Lady's Tresses seem to be particularly abundant this year, possibly due to the very warm summer followed by a period of rain just before they start to emerge as spikes. We counted about 150 spikes yesterday on one location.

Spiranthes spiralis


Good to see a few (five) Pasque flowers not far from the Duke of Burgundy site (two) on Rodborough Common on Sunday.

But we did not see any Pasque flowers elsewhere on the Common this year.

On Minchinhampton Common this morning. Not the liveliest specimen we have ever seen.

Autumn Lady's Tresses These now appear to be as abundant as they get on the Common with flowers fully developed. Although we have not done a systematic count (just counting the easily spotted specimens as we walk through the usual patches) they look about the same as last year. This week we also spotted a patch previously unknown to us near the Fort on Rodborough, again on an unsystematic count-as-we-walk it has about 20 easily spotted examples. 


Showing the distribution of a type of flora.