Collage of wildflowers and butterflies

Box Woods Bluebells

24 April 2016: Spring flowers are appearing in Box Woods.


Also seen on our Sunday walk: 


Alium Paradoxum, or "Few Flowered Garlic" (Sometimes "Few Flowered Leek"). This is a foreign invasive species,that is spreading into Box Woods from the top boundary near the village.
 Wild Garlic: always widespread in Box Woods especially near the upper part of the wood. (Let me confess: my photograph from April 24th 2016 was blurred. This is a photograph of the same location from mid-May 2015.)   Wild Garlic in Box Woods
A White-bluebell. According to the NHM Nature Plus website, these are usually either genetic mutants or sometimes a hybrid with garden varieties. They are rarely completely pure white and this one does seem to have a tinge of blue at the edges of the petals.  White bluebell
Wood Anemone with bluebell.  Wood Anemone with Bluebell
Scarlet tiger moth caterpillar. Scarlet Tiger Moth caterpillar