Collage of wildflowers and butterflies


Articles about local plant life, particularly the flora found on the now relatively rare unimproved limestone grassland of the Common.

Snowdrops at Cherington

There is a very fine display of snowdrops at Cherington Pond at present. Worth a trip and a walk in the local wood. (I will not recommend the route that I did this morning, however. Far too much mud!)


Minchinhampton Common has significant populations of a number of orchids. Not all of the orchids reported for Minchinhampton Common are represented here: these are just the ones that we see regularly on Minchinhampton Common - and you are likely to see if you use your eyes. (Other orchids noted in the SSSI citation, such as the Frog Orchid, tend to be difficult to see at the best of times - even when you know you are standing within a few feet of one, and are in any case likely to be rare on our local common. There are other sites where you stand a better chance - but it helps to go with an expert who has already spent hours locating them.) This guide provides a good introduction to the distinguishing features and flowering times of all the orchids you are likely to actually come across, and asks you to help in monitoring their occurrences.


Showing the distribution of a type of flora.