Collage of wildflowers and butterflies


Articles about local plant life, particularly the flora found on the now relatively rare unimproved limestone grassland of the Common.

Visible this morning by the rugby pitch at the top of Windmill Road.

It was a bonus today to see some (five) Pasque Flowers on the lower slopes of Rodborough Common, whilst looking at Dingy Skippers, Orange Tips and Green Hairstreak Butterflies.

We counted over 120 spikes of Autumn Ladies Tresses on Minchinhampton Common last week, spread over three different locations (of which one was a location of which we had previously been aware). It is looking like a reasonably good year and this seems to be the peak of abundance.


Our first sighting of Autumn Ladies Tresses this year! We found a single specimen on Minchinhampton Common at a north-side location that generally produces a good crop. (The photo above right is one of last-year's crop - this morning's photograph proved to be blurred.)

In contrast, Broad-leaved Helleborines can still be found on Rodborough Common on grass verges close to Rodborough Fort, though now starting to go over. (We located several a couple of weeks ago, and this morning found that three had somehow managed to escape the local council's mania for road verge trimming.


Showing the distribution of a type of flora.