Deer in the Minchinhampton Area


Some time ago, we were walking the quiet road between Winstones ice cream factor and Bownham Common and came across a young deer on the road, trying, we supposed, to follow the rest of the herd who might have just jumped a high garden wall. It proved just a shade too high, though it had many attempts, persisting in spite of a horseman riding along the road and us watching all this time from 20 meters away.

You can see that even high walls, fences and hedges are not much of a barrier for deer. I have watched a roe dear simply push its way through our garden hedge at a point where I perviously considered it quite dense and more than adequate to exclude animals. While it is a thrill to see them, unfortunately they can take a liking to the delicate fresh shoots of newly planted fruit trees, or for lying over plants on the rockery. This is yet another reason - along with the badgers and foxes - why we do not spend a lot of effort or money on planting up our garden.

Saturday, 09 January 2016