MInchinhampton Common

We often take holidays in wilder areas of the UK, such as the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District, Wales or North West Scotland. On returning, however, as we climb the hill from Stroud, though Rodborough and over our Common we frequently wonder why we go away at all. Of course we know why we go away! We like the variety and the wildness that you just do not find in southern England. But after a week or two in the harsh northern uplands, the lushness of our local area can take your breath away.

Though we have not had much snowfall in recent years (climate warming?) it will be a little deaper and lie longer on the high ground than it does in the warmer valleys. The first day or two is magical - but then you remember that the only level route out of Minchinhampton heads over the very exposed roads to the east and is not a number 1 priority route for the county snowploughs.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015